Exploring the Inherent Truth and Mysteries of New World: Lazarus Bow and Wayward Thread

Are you a fan of New World? If so, then you’ve probably heard of the latest buzz about the game’s mysterious and intriguing elements such as the Lazarus Bow and Wayward Thread. But what is the inherent truth behind these secrets? What do they mean for the New World universe? In this comprehensive blog post, … Read more

A Fun Way to Teach Object Permanence: The Game You Need to Play!

Object permanence is the understanding that objects still exist even when we can’t see them anymore. It’s an essential cognitive skill that helps us in everyday life, from following a conversation to grasping complex ideas. And while we may take it for granted as adults, it’s a concept that needs to be learned during infancy … Read more

Understanding Left Brain Right Brain: Debunking the Myth

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m a left-brained person, so I’m not creative” or “I’m a right-brained person, so I’m not logical”? At some point, we’ve all heard some variation of this left brain right brain (LBRB) notion that one side of our brain is responsible for creative tasks, while the other is responsible … Read more