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Thousands of people each year are diagnosed with devastating diseases or injuries of the nervous system. For most of these persons there is very little that can be done to treat or cure them because the level of scientific understanding of their diseases and injuries is not sufficiently high.

These diseases and injuries include: chromosomal disorders, metabolic disorders, drowning, traumatic brain injury, severe brain infections, brain cancer, neuromuscular disorders, developmental brain disorders, sudden infant death syndrome, and autism.

Cures and treatments will be found only with continued and dedicated research. The National Human Neural Stem Cell Resource is funded by the CHOC Foundation for the expressed goal of advancing meaningful research in these nervous system diseases and injuries.

The Resource serves the critical purpose of collecting and preserving human nervous tissues so that neural stem cells can be grown and distributed to qualified scientific investigators dedicated to improving our understanding, care, or treatment of these nervous system diseases and injuries. The Resource also collaborates with all other major tissue banks so that no tissues are wasted.

Human tissues obtained after death from infants, children, and young and aged adults, especially those afflicted with diseases and injuries of the nervous system, are the most needed resource for medical breakthroughs. By examining these tissues and comparing the unaffected with the affected or comparing different age groups, sexes, etc., scientists will begin to answer complex questions about the nature of these diseases. And as answers unfold, so will deeper understanding, offering hope to the future lives of all afflicted individuals and their families.

The Resource reaches out to individuals and organizations across the United States to encourage tissue donation, a commitment that in many cases must be made by a parent, guardian, or relative of the person from whom the tissue is to be taken. For some, this may be difficult to consider in light of the emotional stress that they have already undergone. But for others, this commitment may offer a sense of purpose; there may be comfort in knowing that the quest for medical understanding of these nervous system diseases or injuries can progress.


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