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Our tissues are obtained at autopsy or during any warranted surgical procedure (biopsy, surgical resection, etc.). Under both circumstances neural stem cells are grown and stored in liquid nitrogen. Additionally, naive tissue is cryopreserved for future culture.

We currently have cultured cells and/or tissues from a growing group of controls and patients with neurological disorders. A very diverse representation of diseases is reflected in this collection. Access our database to peruse the collection.

We are here to serve you and your colleagues.

We would like to know

  • if your research has need for tissues of this type
  • if you have any specific needs that may require us to alter our harvesting protocol
  • if there are any specific disease types that you are particularly interested in
  • if you know of any colleagues that may have an interest in the Stem Cell Resource.

All that is required for a request is

  1. a letter on institutional letterhead describing the cultures needed and their intended purpose (Sample Request Letter),
  2. a current NIH-style biographical sketch, and
  3. an executed Tissue Transfer Agreement. (MS Word file)

Once a request letter and CV are received, a signed TTA will be sent to you for execution by you and your institution.

Click to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.

If you have already registered with NHNSCR, you may log in here to check the status of your orders.

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